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In order to participate in the games we require the purchase of tokens or a ruber ducky.

These are the only activity on the farm that are not included in the fun pass.

Pumpkin Slingshot
Test you skill, sling shot a pumpkin, and if you land it in one of the target bins you win a tasty treat from our Farm Kitchen in the Market Place.


Zombie Graveyard Paintball
Zombies have taken over the barn. Cover them with paint and make them go back where they came from.


Apple Blasters
Launch apples into oblivion with our powerful apple blaster cannons.
Apple Canon


Rubber Ducky Race
Purchase your rubber ducky and race them with your friends over and over, then take your ducky with you and give it a good home. Bring it back to the farm another day and race it again.


Punching Pumpkins
Can you beet the clock? Run through a line and punch all the pumpkins you pass in attempts to beat the clock.
Apple Canon


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