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Scenic Wagon Ride
Enjoy our Scenic Wagon Ride over the short hills of out beautiful farm. Don't forget to bring your camera; once the leaves have turned there are many great photo-ops.
Scenic Wagon Rides

Haunted Spook Barn
Enter our Haunted Spook Barn if you dare. Walk though a series of rooms filled with spooky lights and sound effect that will keep your spine tingling. Find your way through the twists and turns with lots of scares along the way.

Super Corny Cobbs Maze Adventure
Challenge yourself in our puzzling cornmaze, Find the 8 hidden stamping stations, collect all stamps on your activity sheet then find your way out of the maze and over the victory bridge. There are also 3 lookout towers placed in the maze that allow you to get above the corn and have a look around.

Farm Scene Investigation
Farmer Joe is missing. There was an accident, and it appears to be foul play. There are seven farm animal suspects that we need you to investigate. Collect the evidence to find the weapon, the suspect, and the location where the crime took place. You will find six location scenes within the corn maze. At each scene, you will find an animal, a weapon and a location to eliminate. Punch your card to keep track of your clues. But hurry. Help us solve the mystery and put the guilty farm animal behind bars and save Farmer Joe.

Bucking Cow Train
Go for a ride on our Bucking Cow Train. Pulled by one of our mini farm tractors this ride has been hit ever since we added to the farm a few years ago.

Train-o-saurus Rex Ride
As the story goes, Nessy and Pumpkin-o-saurus Rex showed up with 10 baby pumpkin dinosaurs at the farm a few years ago, and these little guys have enjoyed riding kids around the farm ever since.

Tricycle Track
With the purchase of 12 new trikes this year we have brought this little attraction back and placed it just in front of the Corn Maze
Tricycle Track

Haystack Jumping Pillow
Line up to take a jump on the The Haystack Jumping Pillow, fun for all ages . The Haystack Jumping Pillow is a large, inflatable mound that bounces like a trampoline, but with gently sloping edges for safety and a softer bounce. Fun for all ages. It's impossible to jump on the Haystack and not have fun at Howells, last year all of our customers said it was a blast.

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