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Have Fun @ Howells!

October 3 - October 10

Good morning! We hope you had a fantastic and, more importantly, warm weekend! Unfortunately for us, the frigid and wet weather threw a wrench into our Busker Weekend festivities and we were only able to run a limited number of our attractions. Sad times. However, with Thanksgiving fast approaching, we still have a lot to be thankful for - take this awesome fanmade video, for example!

Speaking of which, the forecast for the next few days is looking stellar, and the timing couldn't be better! Beginning today (Monday), our Market will be open from at least 10-5 every day in October. That means you'll have ample opportunity to visit us and get all the pumpkins, donuts, fudge, and other delectables your little heart desires! Have you grabbed a big orange pumpkin for Thanksgiving yet? Mini pumpkins for your cornucopia? No? Stop by our farm before the in-laws stop by your home! 


Also with October comes the much anticipated return of our famous $5 Tuesday Night Special. Adventure Passes are only $5 for persons aged 4 and up from 5-9 on Tuesday evenings until the end of the month! We have been getting tons of phone calls and emails about when this promotion would return, so bring your family out tomorrow night and celebrate the special magic of fall at Howell's!

Finally, we are going to be open all Thanksgiving weekend from Friday - Monday to ensure that you and your loved ones have every opportunity to make some wonderful memories on our farm this season. A comprehensive calendar with all of our October hours can be found right here.


Be sure to direct your Interweb browser to EIEIOdeals.com for some $10 Adventure Passes good for this weekend! Be sure to subscribe to stay on top of the latest and greatest deals from the farm, including deals on pumpkins, fudge, and other fun stuff! There might even be some free passes given away this week who knows I sure don't know but maybe. ;-)




Our Facebook Challenge we launched last week against Brooks Farms is continues as we head into October! We have already gained over 350 new "likes" on our Facebook page, and that means over $350 will be donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada! We ask that you give your pals an invite to our humble page and, if you're feeling especially kindhearted and ambitious, give Brooks' page a "like" as well. Everyone's a winner that way!

In case you have no idea what we are talking about, the short story is we are donating $1 to Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada for every new "Like" we receive on our Facebook Page until October 20th. The owner of the 2nd place farm must go to the winner's farm and put in a hard day of work! The long story can be found here. 


Would you like to Tweet about the Facebook challenge? Want to check out cool behind the scenes pictures from the farm? As always, you can follow us on Twitter!

Be sure to check out our website at Howells.ca for weekly hours and other important info.

Have a great week, folks! Stay warm!  


- Howells Staff -
Howell Family Pumpkin Farm

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