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2018 Pumpkin Festival Season

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With thousands of customers visiting Howells throughout the fall season it is important to know that our customers are receieving the best service possible. Our team consists of 130+ employees of all ages, we strive to provide an inclusive and exciting expiereince for not only our guests but our employees as well. We understand that for many students the Howell Family Pumpkin Farm may be their first employement opportunity; at the farm we don't see this as a disadvantage. We offer a number of different employement opportunities from working in the kitchen, to manning the Spook Barn, Howells has space for every employee to thrive.


Why should you work at Howells?

- With a large amount of attractions you have the opportunity to gain tons of expiereince

- All staff memebers receive 4 Fun Passes so their friends and family can see them hard at work! Don't forget working at the farm also means free admission for yourself any day of the season

- You will receive 40% off all food (Yes this includes Howells Famous Pumpkin Donuts and all the fries you can eat)

- You're management is awesome, if we do say so ourselves.

A Message From Our Team Members

"I have worked at the Howell Family Pumpkin Farm for the past four seasons, I started when I was in grade ten and couldn't have picked a better job! As a student I worked mainly weekends and a few days during the week which worked perfectly around my school schedule. Howells has a great atmosphere to surround youself in; from the festivities, to your team and management members it makes for a great expiereince. I have met and kept some incredible friends throughtout my expiereince. I take pride in my job at the Howell Family Pumpkin Farm and will continue to every season."

- Michelle O'Brien (Class of the 600's)

"Working at Howells for the past five years I have learned so much about working with others as well as customer service. The staff and management at the farm have always been super friendly and helpful making the job super fun. They are always organizing fun team building events making all of the employees a close knit team."

-Taylor Maddox (Class of the 600's)

I have worked at Howells my entire life, it practically feels as if the farm is my backyard. I have always taken pride in keeping the grounds of the property clean and have always worked to ensure the animals are safe in their pens. Working at the Howell Family Pumpkin Farm I have made so many friends with my fellow coworkers and customers, especially the ones who share their donuts.

-Thor Howell (Class of 01)


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