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Q. What are your hours and admission prices?
A. Hours and admissions can be found HERE on our website.

Q. Are all the attractions open during the week?
A. Check our hours page to see which attractions and activities are open on your chosen day. Not all attractions are open at all times. All attractions run on GREEN days and nights CLICK HERE for more details.

Q. Is the kitchen open during the day?
A. The kitchen is closed on weekdays, as shown HERE on our website. The Market will be open to purchase pre-packaged snacks and drinks.

Q. Is your food gluten free/nut free/etc.?
A. We cannot guarantee that any of our food has not come in contact with nuts or nut products. We sell peanuts on certain items in our market, and ALL food items run the risk of coming in contact with nuts.We cannot guarantee that any of our food items are gluten free.

Q. Do you provide vegetarian options?
A. We have veggie burgers available at our barbecue. Vegetarian guests should keep in mind that certain fried items from the Market may be cooked in fats that include animal by-products.

Q. Can I bring my own food to the farm?
A. We do NOT allow outside food at the farm. The only exception would be for dietary restrictions, or baby food, or birthday party cakes.

Q. Can I bring my dog to the farm?
A. Dogs are not allowed to come to the farm. With the exception of service dogs.

Q. Do you offer school tours?
A. A new school program is in the works!

Q. What are your group rates?
A. Groups of 25 or more people can purchase an Adventure Pass for their participants for $14.95+tx. Please refer to the hours page on our website for information on which attractions and activities will be open during your chosen day. Group passes are only offered on days that are attractions are running.

Q. Where can I find information about birthday parties?
A. Birthday party programs are in the works!

Q. Do you have a “cheap night”?
A. Every Tuesday in October we are offering a Tuesday Night Discount.

Q. Do you have accept credit cards?
A. Most of our cashiers can accept debit / Visa / Mastercard, however some locations can only accept cash or tokens. There is also an ATM located in the market.

Q. Are there currently any promotions?
A. Promotions and sales will always be posted on our website, as well as available through our Facebook page and emails. Sign up to our mailing list to receive early notice of any deals.

Q. Do you offer rain checks?
A. Our rain check policy is posted on our website. If the rain stops you from enjoying your day at Howells, simply bring your paid admission receipt to one of our cashier booths and ask to have it stamped as a rain check. Present your stamped receipt, along with a photo ID on a later date and gain re-entry – On us!

Q. Do kids have to pay?
A. Children 2 and under are FREE. Children 3 and up will need to have purchase a General Admission or an Attraction Wristbands in order to enter past the gate into the attractions area.

Q. Do adults have to pay?
A. Adults will need to purchase one of our admission options.

Q. Can young children enter the Haunted House or Corn Mazes by themselves?
A. No, Adult adult accompaniment is required for those attractions.

Q. Are the FREE opening weekend tickets still valid?
A. The free opening weekend tickets are no longer valid as of September 9th.

Q. Can I buy a pass for the whole season?
A. Yes! You can purchase a season's pass at any of our cash booths for $35 tax included. They can be redeemed at any time at our Customer Service Desk.
Any General Admission or Adventure Pass purchase can be updated to a Season's Pass for simply the difference in price.

Q. Do you sell giant pumpkins?
A. Yes! Our giants will be ripe and ready to sell by the first week of October.

Q. Do you sell pumpkin donuts?
A. Yes! Pumpkin donuts are available during the hours that our kitchen is open.

Q. Do I have to pay admission to buy pumpkins or food?
A. Admissions only need to be paid if guests would like to enter the farm past the attraction gate. To purchase food or pumpkins, admission is not required.

Q. Where do I park when visiting the farm?
A. We have plenty of field parking, There are three lots, one on the south side of the road and one on the north side of the road before you reach the farm, also one at the farm on the north side of the road. Please be courteous to others and do not park where no parking signs are posted.





- Howells Staff -
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