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* Beyond the Bean Seed: Gardening Activities for Grades K-6 by Nancy Allen Jurenka and Rosanne J. Blass; Teacher Ideas Press, 195 pages (1996). This book connects gardening with literacy and children's literature.

* A Harvest of Learning for a Multiage Class by Penelle Chase, Educational Leadership, September 1995. A plan for pumpkin growing and marketing, including "real work and problem solving."

* Maine Agricultural Foods: Project SEED by Peter Beaulieu and Pat Ossenfort. From the Maine Center for Educational Services (1994), this paper describes a Maine project for students in grades 4-12. "The goal is to increase student awareness of how the foods they eat are planted, harvested and processed." Pumpkins are one of the foods.

* Halloween High Jinks by Doreen Andrews and others, Learning, October 1992. Presents a collection of fall and Halloween activities for elementary students, including pumpkin poetry.

* The Great Pumpkin by Maureen Johnson and Judith Stone, Science and Children, September 1989. Includes pumpkin investigations using measuring and cooking.

* Pumpkin Activities for Primary Children Some fun primary activities and literature references found on ERIC's

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