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Pumpkin info:

Pumpkins like warm weather and are usually seeded in late May, once the danger of frost has passed. Pumpkin seeds should be soaked in lukewarm water overnight before planting. A large hole 60 cm deep and 60cm across will be prepared for each seed or plant. Fill the hole with soil, peat moss and dried manure creating a mound. These provide essential nutrients for the growing pumpkin. Place the seeds or plants 120-180 cm apart to allow room for adequate pumpkin growth. Place 3 or 4 seeds on top of the freshly dug soil and cover them with 2cm of soil. Water seeds adequately and watch them grow.

Pumpkins take approximately 4 months to mature. Mulch should be placed around the vines of the pumpkin at a depth of 5-7 cm. The mulch provides nourishment and keeps the soul moist. Remember to leave space around the stem for growth. When the vines begin to grow, flowers will bloom along the stem. Each of these flowers will be a pumpkin.

If you cut off some of the flowers, the ones that remain will grow into larger, healthier pumpkins. Growers choose the one flower on each vine that links the largest and healthiest and snip off the flower with their fingers. This selective techniques is called pruning.

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