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Pumpkin Facts:

• In colonial New Haven, Connecticut, cut pumpkins were used as guides for haircuts to ensure a round uniform style. Because of this fashion, New Englanders were nicknamed "pumpkin-heads."

• "Apocolocynposis" means fear of turning into a pumpkin

• Pumpkin seeds have been used since ancient times as a source of protein, minerals and vitamins

• Pilgrims used pumpkins for many different purposes. They dried pumpkins and made the shells into bowls for eating as well as jars for storage

• Pilgrims make pumpkin beer from persimmons, hops, maple sugar and pumpkin

• 90% of regular pumpkins are sold for Halloween jack-o'-lanterns

• Ontario’s 1995 pumpkin crop, including winter squashes, exceeded 23.3 million kilograms with a farmgate value of 7.5 million Pumpkins! Fruits? Now there's a fact your students might not know. The perfect place to start your study of pumpkins! Pumpkins are available, inexpensive materials for some wonderful classroom hands-on experiments!

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